USA, CA, Bodega Head (sensor 201051)

7分前 3年前
0cpm 3097cpm
0.000μSv/h 3.226μSv/h
Model :Wizkers
Alarm :150

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  1. ED

    Hi Petr, you can look up the specs for the LND 78017 ( which contain a lot of what you are asking for in terms of sensor response.

    The probe measures radiation in sea water in the bucket + immediate environment, there is no background correction applied.

  2. Petr Kuča

    could you, please, provide some information on
    – Seawater Probe calibration is 960 CPM per µSv/hr)
    – for what type or ionization radiation (alpha, beta, gamma, neutrons, etc.) and what energy spectrum etc. is it valid?
    – what is the uncertainty of this calibration?
    – background in the measurement site
    – are some background data available?
    – is the background stable in time or fluctuate?
    – is background correction applied? if yes, please describe how